Get A Head Start.
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Let Us Help You Get Started

IHT wants to help give you a running start by providing you with a basic direction on where to find funding, who to speak to and how to develop your program so that it qualifies for financial support.

Identify what type of funding you need

Review the funding quick tips for ideas on where to get money for your program. Funding can come from something as simple as bake sales to the more complicated federal grants. The word "grant" just means how money gets distributed.

Get your technology specialist involved

Physical education is just as eligible for your school's technology funds as math and science. Meet with the head of technology and explain what you want to do and the role technology will play.

Speak with your principal

Even if it's not budget time, meet with your principal. He or she may have discretionary funds or year end money. Explain that the technology will help you meet and document compliance with state standards. IHT has copies of most state's standards. Contact IHT for a copy of your state's standards.

Find your district's grant writer

Many districts employ people who can help you obtain funding. They have experience in finding appropriate grant sources and in writing effective applications.

Explore cross-curricula opportunities with your colleagues

There are many applications for the data collected from IHT technology. By finding allies across various disciplines you can broaden the support of your plan. Students can plot their heart rate over time in math. In health, science and the language arts, students can do experiments or write reports based on their own personal fitness data.

Keys to Success

The key here is how much money do you need. Explore funding resources to find different types of grant programs and the parameters related to each. Then decide the funding program that best fits your school's needs.

Don't forget your school's technology budget

If you have a significant program to fund, it may be best to choose a grant program as there is $350 billion available to non-profits and municipalities every year. With IHT's technology component you are not limited to physical education funds and grants.