The Spirit System
            is packaged to fit your
         school's budgetary needs.  

 What do I need to get Started with The Spirit System?

IHT works with each school to ensure we are maximizing your budgetary needs as well as your classroom and school goals.

IHT is a Sole Source Vendor of the Spirit System.

  • Heart Rate Monitors (no minimum)
  • Reader (one per system needed)
  • Elastic Straps (secure monitors, we recommend 6 per HRM)
  • Software (web-based, 3 year license)
  • Elastic Strap Storage Bags
  • Heart Rate Monitor Storage Bag (Our Heart Rate Monitor carrying case is easily carried from class to class and locked away at the end of the day)
  • Heart Zone Wall Banner
  • Training

Other Enhancement Items Include:  

FITstepPro Uploadable Pedometers (made by Gopher)

Spirit 3-Year Service and Full Maintenance Package

Spirit System Storage Cart (An IHT rolling cart with electricity can be added for one stop storage for your complete Spirit System)

Fit Wipes (help keep you monitors in tip top shape for life) 

Dell Laptop Computer

Contact IHT's Regional Sales Manager, Jerel Cantrell to request a price quote. 
Ph: 972-740-8524, email:


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Sole Source Vendor